In 2019-2020 we will be bringing you regular contemporary dance classes at the beginner and intermediate levels, sessions using live music, and workshops with international guest artists for adults and children held at Concord Music School.  These courses will be developed by SLATE contemporary dance company and the professional musicians at Concord Music. Besides Contemporary Dance for beginners and intermediate level, there are occasional courses in Contact Improvisation, Adult Beginner Ballet and Butoh.



·Approaching Contemporary dance through Technique 技巧性

·Improvisation For amateurs 业余爱好者的即兴创作表演

·more experienced dancers 经验丰富的舞蹈老手去接近现代舞

Technique is essential for any dance training, and is the backbone of these courses.  The Modern –Dance based technique will provide (attainable) challenges to beginners, and still act as training for more experienced dancers. 

技术  是必不可少的任何舞蹈训练, 是这些课程的骨干。现代舞蹈为基础的技术将提供 (可实现的) 挑战的初学者, 仍然作为培训更有经验的舞者。

Structured improvisation exercises will allow beginners to feel move comfortable in their own bodies, as they cultivate their unique movement language. Improvisation is also an important tool for more professional dancers, as it allows them to offer their creative voice to works of choreography, and can aid in unlocking your body to introduce new ways of moving.

有组织的即兴练习  将使初学者在自己的身体中感到舒适的运动,因为他们培养自己独特的运动语言。即兴表演对于更专业的舞者来说也是一个重要的工具,因为它可以让他们为舞蹈作品提供创造性的声音,并有助于打开你的身体,引入新的运动方式。

The 1.5 hour classes will be split between technique class and structured improv exercises for adults. They will include : a warm up, technique exercises in the center and traveling, and sometimes small movement phrases to learn. The improvisation sections include : group and individual instruction-based improv, with tasks incorporating visual and sensoral motivation for the students. Occasionally the students will be asked to learn movement phrases and attempt small tasks in composition.

1.5 小时的课程  将分为技术课和有组织的成人改良练习。他们将包括: 热身, 技术练习在中心和旅行, 有时小的运动短语学习。即兴创作部分包括: 团体和个人基于教学的即兴表演, 任务包括视觉和感官动机的学生。有时, 学生会被要求学习运动短语, 并尝试在作文小的任务。

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What will you gain ? 你可以从课堂中汲取到些什么?

This style of dance training is designed first give you tools for contemporary via technique exercises, before inviting you to move more freely, expressively and creatively later in the session.

Sundays are for all levels, Thursdays are for intermediate level.  周日适用于所有级别,周四适用于中级。

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These classes will occur regularly throughout the year, but will be structured into modules for the development of the participants.  Each module will progress in difficulty from each session to the next.  This structure will allow students to track their progress over the weeks, and come to the program with the mindset of completely a whole course. 

这些课程将在全年定期举办, 但将被构造成模块, 供参与者发展。每个模块将在每个会话到下一个会话的困难中取得进展。这种结构将使学生能够跟踪他们在几周内的进步, 并以完全整个课程的心态来到这个项目。

Students are welcome to drop in throughout the five week session, but are encouraged to commit to one complete module to see progress. Committing to a series of classes rather than one at a time, will help you feel more familiar with the exercises from week to week and allow you to go deeper into your study of this art form.

在整个为期一周的课程中, 欢迎学生前来参加, 但鼓励学生投入一个完整的模块来查看进展情况。参加一系列的课程, 而不是一次上一节课, 会帮助你每周对练习更熟悉, 让你更深入地学习这种艺术形式。

The SLATE contemporary classes will be taught by the group’s founder and artistic director, Anneliese Charek : 

As artistic director of SLATE contemporary dance company, she works to create a place for dance artists to train and create together. She founded the group in 2014, and is co-founder the independent art space Basement 6 collective in 2013. She has lived, worked and studied in the U.S , Europe, South East Asia and China. 

SLATE现代舞课程将由创始人兼艺术总监Annelise Charek教授亲自担任教授:

SLATE创始人、艺术总监 - Anneliese Charek教授。作为SLATE当代舞蹈公司的创意总监,Anneliese致力于为舞蹈艺术家们创造一个共同训练和创造的空间。她在2014年创立下该舞蹈团队,并与2013年联合创立了独立艺术空间《地下室6号团队》。她曾经在美国、欧洲、东南亚和中国工作生活,并且累积了一定的舞蹈知名度。

Full bio available at 完整版请移步



Anyone with an interest in dance can join.  The workshops will be designed for beginners, however more experienced dancers can still benefit from these classes.  These sessions are open for adults. The classes will start with basics, however be prepared for some gentle challenges along the way.

任何感兴趣的成人都可以参与!我们的工作坊适合零基础和初学者,所以您不需要担心自己跟不上。当然,水平中上的学生还是欢迎参与,我们的工作坊里所锻炼的基础还是有助于您在现代舞上的追求的。这些课程对成人开放。课程将从基础开始, 但要做好准备, 迎接沿途的一些温和挑战。


Dancers with two or more years experience may join the intermediate class.


*If younger students under the age of 18 are interested, please message the instructor first to see if the course in suitable.如果18岁以下的年龄较小的学生有兴趣, 请先给老师留言, 看看课程是否合适。


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*You should wear comfortable clothes with some stretch, no jeans.  You can wear something similar to what you would wear to a yoga class or to exercise in.  You can wear socks or take the class with bare feet.穿着舒适的衣物,课堂上大多伸展运动,禁止牛仔裤。瑜伽服或者运动服装都可。可以选择褪袜进行课程。

*Be sure to arrive on time to class, even better to arrive at least 5 minutes early.  If you do arrive late, please enter the room quietly and warm yourself up before joining the session.请提前至少5分钟到达进行准备活动。如果迟到,务必请安静进场,参与热身练习。

*Be aware of the space around you while in class, and considerate of the other students around you.  上课请留意周围空间,小心肢体碰撞并理解身边的其他学生。

*Come with an open mind.请带着放松的心态来进行课程。

*feel free to send any questions to the instructor 欢迎提出任何问题